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Terms and conditions First Aid in English


For further enquiries please contact:

Team Ausbildung
Herbartstraße 25
14057 Berlin Tel: (030) 600 300 5120

Course fee:
The course fee amounts to 70,00€ per participant. You have the possibility to pay in (electronic) cash on the course day or by invoice. If paid by invoice, the billing address corresponds to the address of the participant or respective company.

We offer to partly handle payment with the Berufsgenossenschaften. Let us know if this is an option for you and we can make an agreement that your company will cover the 34,20€ balance per participant, since our expenses for foreign language courses are higher than for our standard german ones.

Cancellation fee:
A free cancellation is possible up to ten days before the course date. If you withdraw your registration after this deadline, we will charge 35,00€ per participant. In case of non-participation without prior cancellation, the full amount of 70,00€ will be charged.

Change of person attending:
Already registered participants can be exchanged (for example in case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances).

Certificate of attendance:
By the end of the course every participant receives a certificate of attendance indicating successful completion.

Course cancellation/Change of location:
In the event of unforeseeable events, we reserve the right to change the course location or to cancel the course at short notice.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: 030 600 300 5120 or